Government Grant Award Compliance

Your organization or agency has recently secured a federal, state or local grant award to provide a desperately needed service. If that is the case, Congratulations!

However, as you begin to review your award documents, and carry out your work, you quickly realize that there are a number of laws, regulations and requirements that you have never heard before.

For example, you learn that you have to comply with 2 CFR Part 200 and, since you’re not an attorney, you have no idea what this is. You also discover that you have to request proposals before you can hire a consultant to work on your project, and you don’t know how to properly evaluate the proposals received. Or, you are told that your agency must have a Single Audit, and you are not sure if your accountant knows what this is, much less if they’re doing it already. Finally, you are told that your funder is coming in 20 days to audit your project, and you are worried that if you don’t have all your documents and files in order, that your award will be cancelled, or that you will have to return money to the federal government.

At Farrant, we are well aware of the challenges you face, and stand ready to assist you. Jaime Farrant has over a decade of experience managing and overseeing projects in all phases of the grant cycle process. Jaime has managed multimillion dollar federal and state grants, and, as a former government grant manager, conducted financial and programmatic evaluations and audits to ensure award recipients complied with funder requirements.

We are ready to put our unique perspectives as an attorney, program director and grant manager at your service, so we can guide you during all phases of a project and explain what will the award agency expect of you. We also promise to be by your side as needed so you can flawlessly execute your project and be in position to both continue and expand your programs, agency and business.

If you are interested in a Government Award Compliance consult today, please Book Your Consult Today so you can speak with us as soon as possible.

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