You dream to serve your community and make it a better place. However, you’ve discovered that, in order to pursue your dream, you have to comply with many legal and government requirements that can be confusing and will take away too much time from what you really want to do.

At Farrant, we are committed to helping you with these important bureaucratic requirements so you can focus on your life’s purpose. We can help you because we have been where you are. Jaime Farrant has established and led non-profits in North, Central and South America, and has served as a grant manager for a government agency. Consequently, we possess intimate knowledge of all the work in the non-profit industry, and stand ready to leverage this experience for you.

The services we are able to provide non-profits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Draft and Revise Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.
  2. Obtain tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”).
  3. Incorporate or dissolve organizations.
  4. Provide counsel to board members and leadership teams.
  5. Respond to queries from funders.
  6. Advice on issues related to donations and sales made by the organization that could impact its legal or tax-exempt status.
  7. Establish grant making/giving institutions, operations and policies.

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