Month: septiembre 2021

USCIS extending legal status to 24 Months to Persons Seeking to Remove Conditions on Their Permanent Residence

USCIS made an announcement on September 3 that will impact persons that file (or have filed) a petition to remove conditions on residence (I-751 or I-829 Forms) in order to acquire permanent status. Starting on September 4, 2021, persons that properly file a I-751 or I-829 form will now receive a receipt notice that will be valid as proof of status for 24 months past the expedition date on their Permanent Resident Card (what is known as a “Green Card”). Until this announcement, the receipt notice would give status for up to 18 months.

USCIS also announced that they will send new receipt notices giving the 24 month period to persons who filed I-751 or I-829 forms before September 4, 2021 that have their cases pending cases.

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